SGI 2010

Student Global Impact Semi-annual Conference

“You fight animism with a robust Gospel and the wise use of the Word.”

Mike Durning reporting in from the SGI conference.

This workshop is entitled “The Antidote to Animism.” J.D. Crowley completes the discussion from yesterday’s workshop.

He recapped yesterday’s session, briefly.

He emphasized that submission of Satan to God’s power and authority—the fact that Satan cannot overcome God’s power is key. Animism puts God and demons on the same side of the great divide. Christianity puts the trandscendent Creator God on the other side, far and above Satan, demons, and all the other created beings. The Word and the gospel puts God on the other side of that divide. And this is the key to converting animists.

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“God wants you to realize is not more time, money, health, etc- what you need is Him. If you have Him, you have all you need.”

Mike Durning reporting in from the SGI Conference.

I missed the early morning plenary session (Dave Doran) and workshops because I was doing some interviews. They will appear somewhere on the web in the weeks ahead.

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To preach where there is no foundation.

Mike Durning reporting in from the SGI conference.

After a powerful set of hymns, prayers, and Scripture reading, and a report from a European conference much like SGI, the night’s message was given by Dr. Mark Minnick, pastor from Greenville, South Carolina and professor from Bob Jones University.

He began by expressing how inspiring it has been to be at this conference and see a new generation motivated by missions.

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“You're probably going to serve in an animistic culture.”

Mike Durning again reporting from the SGI conference.

The workshop was titled “Animism,” and was led by J.D. Crowley, who has spent 15 years on the field in Cambodia.

He began by asserting that almost every missionary was probably going to serve in an animistic culture—even many of those that are nominally Buddhist, or Catholic, or Muslim, can be largely animistic with a veneer of these religions, applied via syncretism.

He gave examples from Cambodia. He said about 2 billion people are practitioners.

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"I can't give you a time-table, but I can give you the Holy Spirit and the whole world!"

Mike Durning reporting in from SGI.

The next Plenary Session began with worship and prayer. A new song, written by Chris Anderson with music by Greg Habegger, was introduced in honor of this 10th National Conference. “For the Sake of His Name” was beautiful.

J.D. Crowley was the speaker. He has been in Cambodia for 15 years doing church planting.

His text was Acts 1:8, but he introduced his topic by saying that Acts 1:8 is a hijacked verse in common use. The emphasis of many sermons on this verse is that we are called to identify our Jerusalem, our Samaria, and our uttermost parts for Evangelism.

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