IRS raids televangelist Benny Hinn's office in Grapevine, TX

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The IRS may not be interested in that. Perhaps this is a case of tax evasion, unreported income, or improper deductions - a different kind of fraud. Many years ago, I contacted Hinn's ministry (several times) to obtain a copy of their financial reports. I was promised the reports were "in the mail" but never received them.

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It's just that a nonprofit is entitled to pay their leaders as much as they please.  So if Hinn is getting flak from the IRS, he's being foolish in an amazing way.  Which, given his theology, we knew already, but still.  Pretty amazing and appalling.

(and in other news, Tony Alamo's a big news week for hucksters, apparently)

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I am extremely uncomfortable about giving to any group, especially churches, that are not transparent with their finances. Part of this is experience in a ministry where the pastor, without church, elder, or board clearance had the treasurer reimburse him for house payments and taxes as well as paying all his credit card expenses. The IRS didn't consider the matter worth pursuing.


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The article I read indicated this is the second time they investigated him.  The first time he came out clean.  Someone must have dropped a dime on him.  The reward is a lot better now.  You get 20 % plus of what they collect and now you get paid quickly.  In my day the rat only got 10% and good luck getting paid.  So there is a real motivation if your insider to drop a dime.  It's the same deal one gets if he works for pharma if you drop a dime Re Medicare fraud.  

My brother knew a guy who worked for a company Astra Zeneca bought out.  This guy knew of some dirty laundry in the company bought out.  When he started working for Astra Zeneca he fell into some new dirty laundry Astra Zeneca had.  This guy dropped a big dime with Uncle Sam and ended up with 30 mil.  

I do agree with Bert though who wants Uncle Sam sniffing around churches and para church organizations.  Unless there is an obvious fraud they usually don't bother.  Case in point is the Amish.  In my day it was pretty much hands off the Amish in Pa by the IRS unless they got ridiculous.  They move their money around so much and spend the bulk of it to support their people to live a subsistence life style it is just not worth the effort to audit them.  

Its like a guy fixing and selling classic cars. The make some money on one and loose on another.  If you bill mechanics hours at $100 an hour the sweat equity would wipe out any taxable income easily.   

As far as HINN ripping the public off with his healing routine all the power to him.   As Bert says if these idiots want to give him money so be it.