ISIL issues hit list of U.S. churches for holiday attacks

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ISIS might do well  to remember that not only are people wearing suits for reasons other than looking good--it's a great way to conceal & carry--but also how Europe dealt with the Barbary Pirates and the Ottoman Empire.  There is a certain degree of barbarism which will incite a response that just might not be proportional.   The pirate who attacks with a Kalishnikov might find a response from Ma Deuce, or, worse yet, the "music" of Britney Spears.  (no kidding--freighters off Somalia have successfully used that to ward off pirate attacks)

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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The main line Churches in suburban areas maybe the softer targets for Isil since they have the least chance of having gun carrying members to resist.  Makes sense  and you can go by states to with NJ having the most strict gun control in the nation.  Also I believe NJ has the second largest Arab/ Islamic community.  I believe Michigan has the largest.  I could stand to be corrected.  

Pa has the least gun control out  of any State. Heck you can open carry without a permit anything short of a Bazooka in Pa.  Does not make sense they would go to Pa.  NY city and its suburbs seems to attract jihadists like flies to sugar.  

If churches in NJ have licensed hunters they should have shotgun cleaning every Sunday and dry fire practice.  That's only way they can get the guns transported to the churches to protect themselves.  I do all my duck hunting in NJ and I have to have my hunting license to justify transporting a shotgun in the State.  

Bert yesterday I missed again.  I'm a poor shot and second time I had my safety on. I  Forgot which way was on and off.  Yet I still had a good day out on the water.  Where we were at I call Black Duck alley.  Problem is your one and done.  It's all black ducks nothing else.