John Piper to move to Knoxville area while he works on his writing

John Piper will still be warning sinners, just not as Bethlehem Baptist pastor

During Piper’s tenure, Bethlehem grew from a one-campus congregation of nearly 300 members to a church with three Twin Cities locations, a seminary and close to 5,000 attendees.

All-Church Annual Meeting

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We're evaluating... maybe until 2014. 

(Not sure how to get a thread like this sorted out...    I'm tempted to say Piper's a believer and that settles it, but you know, his soul is not in my hands. Smile What I will say is that it's exceedingly uncharitable to deny the salvation of someone who claims Christ and gives every evidence of believing the gospel.  In general, what's the point in denying any professing believer's salvation? Before his own judge he stands or falls. Romans 14).

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