"[W]e cannot agree with Wycliffe/SIL's stated and publicized position."

Assemblies of God opposes Wycliffe policy on translating “son” non-literally in reference to Jesus Christ.
The Problem ‘Son’: Debate Continues Over Translating ‘Son of God’ for Muslims

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This is an interesting story ... and the timing of it fits very well with the posting of the fundamentals. The sonship and divinity of Christ will always be a stumbling block to those who are not believing. Why does Wycliffe think that the Holy Spirit needs their help in overcoming unbelief by trying to make things more palatable or less offensive? Maybe I am just more simple and less sophisticated in my take on things ... but this really puzzles me. John's first epistle, as well as the first chapter of his gospel, makes it really clear that sonship and deity go together to form the core issue. Jesus Christ is the Son of God, God who came in the flesh. Wycliffe needs to return to their roots regarding inspiration and authority, and not try to be politically correct.