help for graduates of unaccredited or nationally accredited universities, particularly BJU

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After the long discussion on Kevin Bauder’s article on accreditation, someone brought my attention to an online program at Maranatha, which is regionally accredited, that can help graduates of BJU in particular get a regionally accredited degree. I’ve been told they have developed some strategies to help individuals gain state teacher certification. This would have been helpful to me when I was trying to get my teaching certificate in a state that refused to accept my undergraduate degree from BJU even though I had a masters from a regionally accredited university. I HAD to have a bachelors from a regionally accredited school to get their state teaching certificate with no exception. This is becoming the standard among states, so those with BJU education degrees will be unable to get state teaching certificates once they leave South Carolina. is the email contact.


can they do any more than provide courses that meet the requirements for the wisconsin teaching license? (which may or may not be accepted in some other state)

not an expert, but it seems to me that you would need to:

  1. finish teaching degree at some school acceptable to mbbc

  2. finish mbbc online courses

  3. get a wisconsin teacher’s license

  4. get 7 year’s experience in wisconsin

  5. complete various tests and interviews

  6. apply for transfer of teacher’s license

  7. receive teacher’s license

  8. find a job

    at least that’s the way it appears to work in ohio…] Ohio Department of Education: Licensure Information for Out-of-State Applicants

Having not contacted them myself, the way I think it would work is they would accept a number of BJU’s undergraduate courses and then require the completion of other accredited MBBC courses so that the student would end up with an accredited teaching bachelors from MBBC.

I’m so sorry Louise. I hear of many people who can’t get certification in many states because of the accreditation issue. It is happening more every day.

What state are you in?

Are you currently teaching now? If so, you might want to consider National Board certification. You have to have 3 years of teaching experience first. It can be a 3 year process but some teachers can get it in one year. It is a lot of work but once you have it you can go to ANY state and be certified. You don’t have to take the Praxis test or anything. The state automatically gives you their state certification. Here is a link to check it out:

Please let me know if you have any questions and I might be able to help.