“Christian Nationalism” Misrepresents Jesus, So We Should Reject It

"Let me label this first group The Influencers. They want a Christianity-influenced nation. Though I think The Influencers need to drop the 'Christian nationalism' or 'Christian nation' label posthaste...you can count me in with this group." - 9 Marks

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Therefore, a word to my fellow Influencers: by owning the label, you risk communicating something you don’t mean to communicate—that you believe in an established church. That’s undoubtedly what non-Christian critics are hearing. To be sure, they don’t want Christian influence either, and they’ll accuse you and me both of being Christian nationalists simply for talking about Christian influence. Fine. But my encouragement to you is: don’t defensively embrace a caricature. We don’t believe in a Muslimized Christianity which ties Christ’s name to a geo-political space and people. Besides, that will only make the public debate worse because defensiveness on one side always yields more defensiveness on the other side.    (Emphasis added)

He's talking sense. However unfair perceptions might be, they're still there, and when we have a choice,  we should stop feeding them.

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