"Christianity and Critical Theory"

This author has written an excellent series of 4 articles on a crucial subject: https://shenviapologetics.com/critical-theory-and-christianity-part-1/?f...

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Rajesh, I really appreciated these.  Thanks for the pointer.

Dave Barnhart

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dcbii wrote:

Rajesh, I really appreciated these.  Thanks for the pointer.

You are welcome, Dave. This subject is a profoundly important matter that is a grave threat to our Christian faith.

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Reading Neil's work on Critical Theory is very important for conservative Christians in sorting out truth and error in today's culture.  Let me add, though, he is dealing more with Critical Theory on a popular level, not necessarily on the scholarly level.  While there are certain falsehoods within Critical Theory on the scholarly level and some of it has trickled down to the universities and schools, politics and even now within the church, and as it trickled down, the worse and more dangerous it's become.      What I like about Shenvi's work is his nuance and attention to actual definitions.  Take for example the concept of White Privilege.  He makes the acute observation that there is a difference between descriptive "White Privilege" and prescriptive "White Privilege" and that the prescriptive "White Privilege" should be rejected.  "If we define ‘white privilege’ carefully and use it descriptively rather than prescriptively, it is not problematic. However, we should avoid prescriptive claims like “we should dismantle all systems which perpetuate ‘white privilege'” given that some (but not all) forms of ‘white privilege’ are the morally-neutral result of living in a society which has white majority. Finally, we should reject the ideology of critical theory for multiple reasons, not least of which is its erroneous epistemology."  https://shenviapologetics.com/an-antiracism-glossary-white-privilege/