20 Church Phrases for getting fired

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And how many have you heard?

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My then 5 year old son heard my wife and I talking about the possibility of me getting fired just after we had all watched a movie (Flame in the Wind) about the Spanish Inquisition. We needed to deal with his real worries about what might be happening to his Dad.

"Some things are of that nature as to make one's fancy chuckle, while his heart doth ache." John Bunyan

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I witnessed two myself:

  • One a school administrator. Came down like this:
    • I had heard directly from the pastor (I was a deacon) that  [name] had to go (this was in the Fall)
    • In about 6 months, he asked the administrator if "he still had a passion" for his job. 
    • The man did not provide what was regarded as a satisfactory answer and so he was asked to resign
    • The brother did and was replaced. He spent much of a year unemployed and finally took a retail job (barely above minimum wage)
  • The other one unfolded just about the same way. The guy never worked again and is now in his late 60's
  • My view (I work in the technology industry) is both cases were absolutely shameful and a disregard for the men.
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where a pastor and family was on vacation. They got back from the vacation and the locks to the parsonage was changed and they found out their belongings had been put into storage. That's rough.

Don't be a great pastor, just be a pastor and let history judge for itself.

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The pastor came in on a Monday morning and fired him

He has an interview (secular job) this week