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  • Mark Ward - Mon, 04/11/2022 - 11:26pm

    The Power Broker: Robert Moses and the Fall of New York by Robert A. Caro

    My rating: 5 of 5 stars

    Robert Caro is fascinated by power. He has given his life to exploring how it is gained and kept. And in Robert Moses, the subject of this epic book, power looks like the ugly idol it can be. It delivers at first, but then it enslaves.

    But let us not think that power is in itself bad. Caro himself has incredible powers. The sheer amount of work—hours and hours of work, years of work, years of at first unremunerated work—that Caro put into this and his LBJ projects required power. This work has rightly exalted Caro (and his wife and research assistant and, for this his first book, bankroller, Ina)—because those years were spent for the good of others instead of for the amassing of power in itself. Indeed, Robert Caro is now a living legend. Robert Moses, because his quest for power became...

  • Mark Ward - Tue, 04/05/2022 - 12:32pm
    Finding the Right Hills to Die On: The Case for Theological Triage by Gavin Ortlund
    My rating: 4 of 5 stars

    Gracious, clear, accessible. Extremely well done. I nearly docked him a star for being ever-so-slightly in a different place than I am on creationism (though I still found his thoughts very helpful), but that didn’t seem right! I do simply feel that the effects of old-earth views on theology are not commonly reported by proponents, but what can I expect? YEC weaknesses aren’t reported by YEC proponents.

    One thing I found very interesting and insightful was the way that Ortlund acknowledged that second-order issues can have ties to first-order ones.

    The Gospel Coalition sometimes faces criticism for affirming complementarianism in its foundation documents but not taking a position on, say, baptism. Isn’t it inconsistent to seek to be “gospel-centered” and yet have a position on...

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