A SharperIron App for Chrome

Google Chrome is now the world’s most widely used internet browser. And for those of us who have been using it for some time, this news comes as no surprise. It’s fast and efficient. And with the increasing popularity of the Chrome Web Store, apps are being developed to make common internet tasks more accessible.

But as with any good thing, it has its limitations. There is no easy way, for example, to add any old website to the “New Tab” page (the page that hosts all your web apps). So what do you if, for example, you want to have quicker, easier access to SharperIron? There is a fairly easy solution…make your own Chrome Web App! Here’s how:

  1. Create a new folder.
  2. Create a plain text document that simply contains the following code [you may also download the attached file and rename it to “manifest.json” —ed]:
        "name": "Sharper_Iron",
        "description": "Links to the Sharper Iron Website",
        "version": "1.0",
        "icons": {
            "128": "128.png"
        "app": {
            "urls": [
            "launch": {
                "web_url": "http://www.sharperiron.org"
        "permissions": [
  3. Name the text file “manifest.json”.
  4. Add a 128X128 png file to the folder to serve as the icon. Be sure it’s named “128.png.” I’ve created one, downloadable here.
  5. Navigate your Chrome browser to “chrome://chrome/extensions/”
  6. Check the “Developer mode”
  7. Click “Load unpacked extension…”
  8. Navigate to the folder you created and click Open.

You now have an SI web app! Obviously, you could just the change the Icon, name, and web sites url and you can point the app to any website!

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OK, it really is just a shortcut--but it's cooler, more fun to make, and now we can say there's an SI Chrome App.
(Now if we can just get the Chrome developers to move the refresh button to the right of the address bar....)

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