Christian Law Association—The SharperIron Interview | Part 1

gibbs.jpgI recently had the privilege of interviewing David Gibbs III, attorney for the Christian Law Association (Seminole, FL). I conducted four interviews with Dr. Gibbs and Matt Davis, another attorney for the Gibbs Law Firm (Seminole, FL). This interview is actually the third one in the series. The first two interviews are about the Terry Schiavo case; Dr. Gibbs was one of the lead attorneys on the case. We will air those interviews closer to the two-year anniversary of her death. The fourth interview, which will air in two weeks, details three recent legal issues: the Hovind case, the Ligonier case, and the Bob Gray case.

gibbs_book.jpgThis interview covers the background of CLA and includes the personal testimony of both attorneys. I asked them several questions regarding law school, their philosophy of jurisprudence, and the state of American law.

Jason Janz

Listen to the interview (41:11 min., 37.71 MB).

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