2006 Christmas Letter from the Todd Wood Family

wood picture 1.JPGStuff about my wife …

Twenty years ago, I took this gorgeous knockout on a date. Like Jacob in Scripture, I loved her the minute I spotted her, walking the hallways of Skyline High School in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Reflecting back, I can roughly divide our relationship into increments of five—five years of dating, five years with no kids, five years of child bearing, and now five years since the birth of our youngest.

My wife, Kristie, stays busy—homeschooling, nursing weekly at the Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center and occasionally in an office for a female doctor attending our church, singing, directing Patch the Pirate Club, teaching a Sunday school primary class, hostessing families in our home, organizing church activities, and planning family fun evenings. When she is gone for a ladies’ retreat, the kids receive only microwave popcorn and toast. I would be utterly lost and confused without her. She loves me and prays for me. The only thing she refuses to do is edit any of my SI entries (makes me thankful for Adam Blumer and Lyn Marshall). Occasionally, she will give critical and vital suggestions to my blog entries on www.heartissuesforlds.org or http://heartissuesforlds.wordpress.com. My new year’s resolution for 2007 is to give my wife more back rubs. She definitely deserves them.

wood picture 3.JPGStuff about my kids …

Our oldest son, Elon Joshua Wood, is 10. I love his discussions with me over John’s Gospel and Ezekiel. Our youngest son, Micaiah Todd Wood, is 5 and thinks he can beat his big brother in sword battles. You can easily identify him. He is the young, heavy-block and thick-skull-tackling half of the preschool in the front church yard every Sunday morning.

The two roses between the two thorns are Hannah Marie Wood, age 8; and Mariah Noelle Wood, age 7. Both lost teeth this year. No, their tooth loss wasn’t purposely because of their brothers’ actions.
wood picture 2.JPGThe oldest two children attend school at King’s Academy (an independent, nondenominational, fantastic, Christian school of around 35 kids of all ages), which leases the New Life Assembly of God church building in town. I had the privilege of teaching the boys this spring through the life of David. I just recently watched a fantastic Christmas play put on by King’s Academy (their music and scripts are original every year). And I look forward to a big winter retreat with all the kids in a couple of months, spending a night in the Pine Basin Lodge in a beautiful spot in Idaho.

My youngest are home-schooled. HomeSat is a neat setup.

Stuff about me …

I just turned 37. This year, I experienced a dramatic change in my ministry. After three years in Romans on Sunday morning, we started John’s Gospel. I have now gained a new favorite book.

It has definitely been a rich experience attending all kinds of various retreats and conferences this year—a Colorado FBF Conference, a Red Cliff Men’s Retreat, the National FBF Conference, the National Lancaster Leadership Conference, a Wyoming FBF Conference, Northwest Baptist Missions Conference, and a Steeling the Mind Conference. Some of you might see me next month in Colorado for an FBF conference. I have been plugged in to speak. Watch out, Colorado natives! Nevertheless, I am thrilled by the conference theme.

But some of my most charismatic times this year for sheer delight have been when I am alone studying the Word of God. What can be better than to be still and know that He is God? I feel like I am still on the first page of the knowing.

It has been an adventure in 2006. Next year will be even better. I want to drag my wife around to all kinds of ancient sites in Turkey. She is scared to death.

Stuff about Internet highlights …

My top news of the year was hearing that Chris Anderson persistently survived a marathon. I loved hearing this. I wish this SI brother would join me in the LoToJa Classic next fall. It is a one-day, 206-mile bike race from Logan, Utah, up through Idaho and ending in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. You tackle three mountain passes and over 8,000 feet of climbing. The winning time was 9:16:55.

Blogger Lou M. proved to be the most instrumental in reminding me of being a gracious poster in the midst of my fiery passion. The Lord will hold me accountable for every one of my words.

One of the most stirring SI blog entries for me in 2006 was hearing Kevin Bauder on the Good Shepherd in John’s Gospel.

And I appreciate Bob Bixby for writing an article about singing music that we can die by. It is the number-one blog entry on worship that still lingers in my thoughts.

kiss.jpglacy.jpgStuff about the following pictures …

Here is an assortment of pictures just taken of my family and my sister’s family downtown along the Snake River by the LDS temple. I borrowed my brother-in-law Joe Lacy’s digital camera. He married my sister, Susie. They have two children, Savannah and Emma. Joe is a church planter in Rexburg, Idaho. Our spiritual encouragement to you is KISS YOUR SPOUSE this Christmas season. Who needs mistletoe? The experience is heavenly. Haven’t you heard the motto? The best things in life are free.

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