Is the evangelical adoption movement off track?

“The evangelical adoption movement, writes Joyce, has provided millions of new advocates for a global adoption industry ‘too often marked by ambiguous goals and dirty money, turning poor countries’ children into objects of salvation, then into objects of trade.’” Evangelicals Finding It’s a Challenging Time for Christian Adoption Movement


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Book Review and Giveaway Reminder - The Gospel Story Bible


Image of The Gospel Story Bible: Discovering Jesus in the Old and New Testaments
by Marty Machowski
New Growth Press 2011
Hardcover 328

We wanted to remind everyone about the book giveaway this month. Three winners will receive 4 books each. To enter, all you need to do is start a thread in the forum and get anyone else here at SI to comment on it. Details on the contest are here.

One of the books to be won is The Gospel Story Bible, and so I thought we could take this opportunity to learn more about this excellent resource.

Book review

As the father of six children, I have had ample occasions to read children’s Bible storybooks. The majority of such storybooks are quite simple and to the point. They don’t usually interact with the story at a child’s level other than to make the tale more imaginative and seem more story-like. Few of these books really serve believing parents well.

The Gospel Story Bible by Marty Machowski is much different. It is uniquely designed to help facilitate the parents’ task of teaching their children the gospel, as they recount the various stories in the Bible. The stories include discussion questions at the end, and are usually presented in a fairly straight-forward, stick-to-the-text manner. Often, however, a little more explanation is woven into the story. And each story wraps up with an application to the gospel or to the flow of redemptive history. The book’s emphasis is on communicating the gospel intent of the Bible stories rather than on wowing the children and parents with how imaginative a reshaping of the scriptural story this new storybook can provide. Read more about Book Review and Giveaway Reminder - The Gospel Story Bible

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