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02/09/17 Article- Theology Thursday - Is Evangelical Theology Changing? (Part 3) Theology & Methodology Series - Theology Thursday
02/08/17 Filings item- On Making a Cat Laugh Christian Living Trump, Russia
02/08/17 Filings item- Parchments Found at Newly Discovered Dead Sea Scrolls Cave Education Dead Sea Scrolls
02/08/17 Filings item- The Shallow Psychology and Theology of Christian Music Theology & Methodology Christian Music, Roman Catholic
02/08/17 Filings item- The Doctrine of Hell Theology & Methodology Douglas Groothuis, Hell
02/08/17 Filings item- The Key for an Evangelistic Church Church & Ministry in General Evangelism
02/08/17 Filings item- What Does “World” Mean in John 3:16? Bible Passages John 3:16
02/08/17 Article- Uncertainty vs. Renewed Confidence in the Word of God, Part 2 Christian Living Bibliology, Brian McClaren, Postmodernism, Uncertainty
02/07/17 Filings item- Fired NewSpring Pastor Perry Noble Returns to Pulpit at Elevation Church Preaching & Leadership Perry Noble
02/07/17 Simple Ad- FBBC 020717
02/07/17 Filings item- “A moratorium on the word, therefore, would yield greater understanding and clarity” Theology & Methodology Literal Interpretation
02/07/17 Filings item- Why It Took 5 Years to Give Away This Free Christian College Campus Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Christian Colleges & Seminaries
02/07/17 Filings item- Is Belief in a “Historical Adam” an Essential Christian Belief? Theology & Methodology historical Adam, Genesis
02/07/17 Filings item- 5 Reasons 11:00 AM Worship Services Are Disappearing Worship & Music
02/07/17 Article- Uncertainty vs. Renewed Confidence in the Word of God, Part 1 Christian Living Bibliology, Brian McClaren, Uncertainty
02/06/17 Filings item- Brit street preacher jailed for quoting Genesis Society, Culture & Politics Religious Freedom
02/06/17 Filings item- Nine Questions to Ask before Visiting Someone in the Hospital Theology & Methodology Hospital Visitation
02/06/17 Filings item- When the Pastor has an affair Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Affairs, Moral Failure
02/06/17 Article- Heads of Grain & Holy Bread - Jesus and the Sabbath Bible Passages Series - Trinity Gospel of Mark
02/05/17 SI Ad Campaign- Calvary Univ 2017
02/05/17 Simple Ad- CalvaryUnivBox1
02/03/17 Filings item- J. Brian McKillop on turning 60 Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Birthdays
02/03/17 Filings item- Multi-Site Church Video Screen Utterly Fails At Pastoral Counseling Other Issues & Controversies
02/03/17 Filings item- Sierra Club executive: abortion a critical tool for protecting environment from overpopulation Society, Culture & Politics Sierra Club, Abortion
02/03/17 Filings item- "Millennial International" a new and important ministry to this disadvantaged group Church & Ministry in General Millennials
02/03/17 Filings item- Maranatha Baptist University ends football program Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Maranatha Baptist University
02/03/17 Filings item- Degrees of Separation Church & Ministry in General Separatism, SBC, Gay Marriage
02/03/17 Article- Christians & the Immigration Crisis: A Few Thoughts Other Issues & Controversies Immigration, Refugees, Donald Trump
02/02/17 Filings item- How presidents pray: The prayer breakfast from Eisenhower to Obama Society, Culture & Politics Presidential Prayer Breakfast
02/02/17 Filings item- Campus Ministries Race to Keep Up with Record Number of International Students Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Campus Ministries