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11/25/16 Event- Conference on the Church for God's Glory
11/25/16 Event- GARBC Conference 2017
11/24/16 Article- Always for All Things Christian Living C. H. Spurgeon, Thanksgiving, Thankfulness, Sermons
11/23/16 Forum topic- Ron Bean- Heart Issues Prayer Requests
11/23/16 Filings item- A Curator’s Guide — An Exploration into Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Philemon Books, Reading & Writing Resources
11/23/16 Filings item- Subordination in Scripture: κεφαλή in 1 Corinthians 11:3 Bible Passages Complementarianism, eternal functional subordinationism
11/23/16 Filings item- Archaeologists uncover surface of Jesus’ traditional tomb Church & Biblical History Archaeology, Jesus' Tomb, Jerusalem
11/23/16 Article- A. J. Gordon’s Opinion of Spurgeon & His Ministry Preaching & Leadership C. H. Spurgeon, A. J. Gordon, Church History
11/22/16 Poll- Have you ever known someone you were convinced was strongly demonically influenced/ possessed? Other Issues & Controversies
11/22/16 Filings item- ACCC Resolution on "New Calvinism" Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Fundamentalism, Evangelicalism, ACCC
11/22/16 Filings item- "Only certain sins warrant public and formal church discipline, namely, sins that are unrepentant, outward, and significant" Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Church Discipline
11/22/16 Filings item- A South Africa 'prophet' claims a pesticide called Doom can heal people Other Issues & Controversies News of the Weird
11/22/16 Filings item- Jerry Falwell Jr. emerges as possible Trump cabinet pick Society, Culture & Politics Donald Trump, Jerry Falwell Jr.
11/22/16 Article- The Importance of Free Will and Purposeful Work for Children Home & Family Parenting, Free Will, Work, Theology of Work
11/21/16 Filings item- On The Death Of A Friend Missions, Evangelism & Outreach Eulogy, Missions
11/21/16 Filings item- A Note on the Trinity Debate at ETS Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism ETS, Trinity
11/21/16 Forum topic- Mark Twain Anything Else
11/21/16 Article- Election Reflections Society, Culture & Politics Government, 2016 Election, Reign of Christ, Political Philosophy
11/20/16 Filings item- France Punishes Pro-Life Websites for False Advertising Society, Culture & Politics Bioethics, Pro-Life, Abortion
11/20/16 Filings item- Missouri appeals court rules frozen pre-embryos are marital property Society, Culture & Politics Bioethics, Court Rulings
11/20/16 Filings item- What is the Alt-Right? Society, Culture & Politics Extremism, Anti-Conservatism, Alt-Right
11/20/16 Filings item- A change to a popular translation of the Bible could affect readers’ views on marriage and gender roles Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism ESV
11/19/16 Filings item- Tyler Robbins 's Response to Don Johnson (pt. 1) Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Convergence
11/18/16 Filings item- BREAKING - Church Cleans Out Fridge Christian Living Babylon Bee
11/18/16 Article- Gender Design & Distinctions in Position & Practice Theology & Methodology Gender Roles
11/17/16 Filings item- Opening Darwin’s Black Box Work, Business, Science, Tech Evolution, Darwin's Black Box, Books
11/17/16 Filings item- Humanists seek ban on evangelical gift boxes in schools Society, Culture & Politics War on Christmas, Public Education, American Humanist Association
11/17/16 Filings item- Literal interpretation of Bible 'helps increase church attendance' Church & Ministry in General Church Growth, UK
11/17/16 Article- Theology Thursday - More from Arminius on the Law & the Christian Theology & Methodology Series - Theology Thursday, Law and Grace
11/16/16 Forum topic- History of Doctrine Curriculum/Book? Church & Biblical History