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02/03/17 Filings item- Sierra Club executive: abortion a critical tool for protecting environment from overpopulation Society, Culture & Politics Sierra Club, Abortion
02/03/17 Filings item- "Millennial International" a new and important ministry to this disadvantaged group Church & Ministry in General Millennials
02/03/17 Filings item- Maranatha Baptist University ends football program Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Maranatha Baptist University
02/03/17 Filings item- Degrees of Separation Church & Ministry in General Separatism, SBC, Gay Marriage
02/03/17 Article- Christians & the Immigration Crisis: A Few Thoughts Other Issues & Controversies Immigration, Refugees, Donald Trump
02/02/17 Filings item- How presidents pray: The prayer breakfast from Eisenhower to Obama Society, Culture & Politics Presidential Prayer Breakfast
02/02/17 Filings item- Campus Ministries Race to Keep Up with Record Number of International Students Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Campus Ministries
02/02/17 Filings item- Immigration as "an immediate gospel issue" Society, Culture & Politics Immigration
02/02/17 Filings item- ERLC-organized coalition endorses Gorsuch for confirmation Society, Culture & Politics ERLC, Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch
02/02/17 Article- Theology Thursday - Is Evangelical Theology Changing? (Part 2) Theology & Methodology Series - Theology Thursday, Evangelicalism, Fundamentalism
02/01/17 Filings item- Trump's Supreme Court Pick: Religious Freedom Defender Neil Gorsuch Society, Culture & Politics SCOTUS, Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch, Religious Liberty
02/01/17 Article- Exodus & The Mosaic Covenant, Part 2 Theology & Methodology Series - Covenants, Mosaic Covenant, Covenants
01/31/17 Filings item- How is God the "Head" of Christ (1 Cor 11:3)? Theology & Methodology eternal functional subordinationism, Trinity
01/31/17 Filings item- Demon Possession & Mental Illness Church & Ministry in General demon possession, Psychology
01/31/17 Article- Why Can't We Be Friends? Home & Family Courtship/Dating, Friendship, Parenting
01/30/17 Poll- Do you agree with the president's ban on refugees? Society, Culture & Politics
01/30/17 Article- A Dispensational Discource with Dr. Michael Vlach Theology & Methodology Dispensationalism, Dispensational Publishing House, Michael Vlach
01/29/17 Filings item- Do Children Have a Financial Obligation Toward Their Parents? Bible Passages Children, Parents
01/29/17 Filings item- The Use and Abuse of the Bible in the Immigration Debate Society, Culture & Politics Immigration
01/28/17 Filings item- Ed Stetzer: "If we are pro-life, we are pro-refugee." Society, Culture & Politics Ed Stetzer
01/28/17 Filings item- Full text of Trump's executive order on 7-nation ban, refugee suspension Society, Culture & Politics Immigration
01/28/17 Filings item- BJU closes museums: one for renovation, one permanently Education BJU
01/27/17 Filings item- Vice president pledges to end taxpayer-funded abortion Society, Culture & Politics Abortion, Vice President Pence
01/27/17 Poll- Do you consider Sunday the Sabbath Day? Theology & Methodology
01/27/17 Filings item- Only 1 in 7 Senior Pastors Is Under 40 Preaching & Leadership Pastoral Leadership, Church Leadership
01/27/17 Article- Elisha & the She-Bears Bible Passages Elisha, 2 Kings 2
01/26/17 Filings item- Words Matter: Recovering Godly Speech in a Culture of Profanity Christian Living Foul Language, American Culture
01/26/17 Article- Theology Thursday - Is Evangelical Theology Changing? (Part 1) Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Series - Theology Thursday
01/25/17 Forum topic- David Oestreich With The Lord Prayer Requests
01/25/17 Filings item- Leaders from more than a dozen pro-life and traditional values groups in Iowa have formed Coalition of Pro-Life Leaders Society, Culture & Politics Pro-Life Movement, Iowa