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05/28/15 Filings item- The Pattern Among Fallen Pastors Preaching & Leadership Moral Failure
05/28/15 Filings item- Adam Ford: The “death of Christianity” in America Other Issues & Controversies Pew study
05/28/15 Article- Taste and See Home & Family Christian Living, Faith
05/27/15 Forum topic- It Is Legal In 38 States... Other Issues & Controversies
05/27/15 Filings item- A Pastoral Perspective on Illegal Immigration Church & Ministry in General Immigration, Church & Ministry
05/27/15 Forum topic- Are There Open Pulpits? Church & Ministry in General
05/27/15 Filings item- Marine court-martialed for refusing to remove Bible verse Other Issues & Controversies Religious Liberty, US Military
05/27/15 Filings item- 2,000-year-old water supply system uncovered in Jerusalem Church & Biblical History Archaeology, Jerusalem
05/27/15 Filings item- Ten things every person should be able to affirm in the face of the Duggar family tragedy Other Issues & Controversies The Duggars
05/27/15 Article- Books of Note - How to Enjoy Reading Your Bible Books, Reading & Writing Books & Publishing
05/26/15 Filings item- "[I]nability to distinguish between threats and disagreements seems to be a hallmark of this contemporary feminism." Society, Culture & Politics Feminism, Christina Hoff Summers
05/26/15 Filings item- Alabama Senate Passes Bill to Effectively Nullify All Sides on Marriage Other Issues & Controversies Marriage, Alabama
05/26/15 Article- Christian Pacifism and Non-Resistance? or, Does the Believer Have the Right of Physical Self-Defense? Christian Living Pacifism, Violence
05/25/15 Filings item- What the Marines Can Teach the Church Discipleship, Christian Ed & Groups USMC, Church & Ministry
05/25/15 Article- General Orders No.11, Washington, D.C., May 5, 1868 Society, Culture & Politics Memorial Day, US Military
05/24/15 Filings item- Why This Mom WIll NOT Support Josh Duggar Other Issues & Controversies Josh Duggar
05/23/15 Filings item- Update: Ireland backs gay marriage in 'landslide' victory Other Issues & Controversies Same-sex Marriage
05/22/15 Filings item- What Should the Duggar Scandal Teach the Church? Other Issues & Controversies Josh Duggar
05/22/15 Filings item- Why the NIV 2011? English Bible Text Debate Bible Translation, Gender Inclusive Translation
05/22/15 Filings item- "[R]ather than going quietly, cultural conservatism is showing increasing strength at the grassroots" Society, Culture & Politics Indiana, Religious Liberty, American Culture
05/22/15 Filings item- What Christians Can Learn from Secular Business Thinking Other Issues & Controversies Business
05/22/15 Filings item- Josh Duggar resigns from Family Research Council after sexual abuse allegations Other Issues & Controversies Josh Duggar, The Duggars
05/22/15 Filings item- Why I Am No Longer a Dispensationalist Theology & Methodology Dispensationalism
05/22/15 Article- The Knowledge of God Theology & Methodology Series - The Fundamentals
05/21/15 Filings item- Pensacola Christian has the best college pool Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Pensacola Christian College
05/21/15 Poll- How would you deal with someone who has had a sex-change operation Church & Ministry in General
05/21/15 Filings item- "[C]hurches don’t know if they’re supposed to battle the culture, defeat it, slay it, withdraw from it, or embrace it." Church & Ministry in General American Culture, Church & Ministry
05/21/15 Filings item- "When the teacher saw Mackenzie had included the verse, she told the girl to take it out." Education Religious Liberty, Public Education
05/21/15 Article- A Call to Travel Sufficiently Far from Home Books, Reading & Writing Christian Living, Hudson Taylor, Reading
05/20/15 Filings item- Jonah – Four Signs of Spiritual Despair Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Jonah