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02/09/16 Article- The Mixed Blessing of C. S. Lewis (Part 2) Books, Reading & Writing C.S. Lewis, Books & Publishing, Apologetics
02/08/16 Poll- Who Is Your Favorite Dispensational (in the broad sense)Scholar? Theology & Methodology
02/08/16 Filings item- Pro-Choice Group Denounces Doritos Super Bowl Ad for ‘Humanizing Fetuses’ Other Issues & Controversies NARAL, Abortion
02/08/16 Filings item- Does the Bible Require Common Ownership of Land? Society, Culture & Politics Socialism, Private Property, Property Rights
02/08/16 Filings item- Wheaton College, Larycia Hawkins to ‘Part Ways’ Education Wheaton College, Larycia Hawkins, Islam, Higher Education
02/08/16 Article- The Mixed Blessing of C. S. Lewis (Part 1) Books, Reading & Writing C. S. Lewis, Apologetics, Books & Publishing
02/05/16 Filings item- A Classic Book about “Corporate Election” Revised, Enlarged, and Re-Published Books, Reading & Writing Unconditional Election, corporate election, Roger Olson
02/05/16 Forum topic- 1Cor 1-7,11-16 (Dan and Andrew) Other Issues & Controversies
02/05/16 Article- Eddyism, Commonly Called “Christian Science” Theology & Methodology Cults & Heresies, Christian Science, Eddyism, Series - The Fundamentals
02/04/16 Filings item- Joel Osteen makes the cover of Success magazine Other Issues & Controversies Joel Osteen, Prosperity Gospel
02/04/16 Filings item- U.S. scientists recommend approval for three-parent embryo research Work, Business, Science, Tech Bioethics, Reproductive research
02/04/16 Filings item- 5 Rookie Pastor Mistakes Preaching & Leadership Pastors
02/04/16 Article- The Fantasy of the Non-Politician President Society, Culture & Politics Donald Trump, Populism, 2016 GOP Race
02/03/16 Filings item- 'Creflo Dollar Highway' Other Issues & Controversies Creflo Dollar
02/03/16 Poll- Do you believe Adam's sin is imputed to everyone in the human race who is not yet redeemed? Theology & Methodology
02/03/16 Filings item- If Panther's win Superbowl - Sign of Revival Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Superbowl, News of the Weird
02/03/16 Article- Church Discipline: the Correction of a Believer or the Excommunication of an Unbeliever? (Part 2) Church & Ministry in General Series - DBSJ Discipline, Church Discipline
02/02/16 Filings item- Military Officials: Women Should Register For Draft Other Issues & Controversies Gender Roles, Military Service
02/02/16 Article- Scientism & Naturalism Work, Business, Science, Tech Science, Methodological Naturalism, Naturalism
02/01/16 Filings item- Dr Joel Beeke on Bible Versions: Practical Reasons for Retaining the KJV English Bible Text Debate joel beeke, KJV
02/01/16 Filings item- Donald Trump accidentally put money in the Communion plate at a church in Iowa Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Donald Trump
02/01/16 Filings item- How Church Relevance is Boring Theology & Methodology Church Growth
02/01/16 Filings item- China Has Imprisoned the Pastor of Its Largest Official Church Church & Ministry in General Persecution, China
02/01/16 Article- Going Rogue Christian Living Leadership, Ministry Leadership
01/29/16 Filings item- Indiana's 'tug of war' over religious freedom Society, Culture & Politics Religious Liberty, Indiana, Gay Rights
01/29/16 Article- Twelve of the Most Annoying Arguments Used Against Biblical Creation, Part 3 Work, Business, Science, Tech Evolution, Creation, Genesis, Theistic Evolution
01/28/16 Poll- Was it appropriate for Jerry Falwell, Jr. to endorse Donald Trump for President in the GOP Primary? Other Issues & Controversies
01/28/16 Filings item- Morocco Declaration: Muslim Nations Should Protect Christians from Persecution Other Issues & Controversies Islam, Religious Liberty, Marrakesh Declaration
01/28/16 Filings item- Dispensational Publishing House to Publish Andy Woods on Ezekiel Books, Reading & Writing Books & Publishing, Dispensationalism
01/28/16 Filings item- The Problem among Independent Baptists with the Gospel, pt. 2 Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism The Gospel