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09/02/15 Article- People Skills & the Pastor Preaching & Leadership People Skills, Pastoral Ministry, Leadership
09/01/15 Filings item- Origins of the FBFI – A Clarification Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Fundamentalism, FBFI
09/01/15 Article- “Paid In Full!” A Study of Romans 1-5 (Part 3) Bible Passages Series - Romans, Romans 1-5, The Gospel
08/31/15 Filings item- "For Christians to influence the world with the truth of God’s Word requires the recovery of the great Reformation doctrine of vocation." Work, Business, Science, Tech Vocation, Theology of Work
08/31/15 Filings item- "The financial 'reset,' as described by the IMB, means to set again, while regress means to move backward." Missions, Evangelism & Outreach SBC, Missions, Money
08/31/15 Filings item- Grief, Shame, and Taking the LORD’s Name in Vain Other Issues & Controversies Ashley Madison, Josh Duggar
08/31/15 Filings item- Ligonier Suspends R. C. Sproul Jr. over Ashley Madison Visit Other Issues & Controversies Ashley Madison, R. C. Sproul Jr., RC Sproul
08/31/15 Filings item- A Christian College President Falls Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Jimmy Epting, North Greenville University
08/31/15 Filings item- America’s One Enduring Legacy in History Other Issues & Controversies United States
08/31/15 Forum topic- The Question of Alcohol & Church Membership Other Issues & Controversies
08/31/15 Filings item- Why Is Donald Trump Winning Over Evangelical Voters? Society, Culture & Politics Politics, Donald Trump, Pop Culture
08/31/15 Filings item- Should we watch murders on social media? Work, Business, Science, Tech Technology, Social Media, Morbid Curiosity
08/31/15 Article- The List - Discontentment & Self Deception Christian Living Human Nature, Bitterness, Self Deception
08/28/15 Filings item- What Happened to the Twelve Apostles? Church & Biblical History Twelve Apostles, Church History
08/28/15 Filings item- Study delivers bleak verdict on validity of psychology experiment results Other Issues & Controversies Psychology
08/28/15 Filings item- Darrell Champlin home with the Lord Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Missions
08/28/15 Filings item- Southern Baptists Will Cut 600 to 800 Missionaries and Staff Missions, Evangelism & Outreach SBC, Southern Baptists, Missions, Money
08/28/15 Article- The True Church Theology & Methodology Ecclesiology, Church & Ministry, Series - The Fundamentals
08/27/15 Filings item- The Duggars and the Evil Outside Other Issues & Controversies Josh Duggar, Duggar Family
08/27/15 Filings item- As a pastor or counselor, how do you know when to stop counseling? Discipleship, Christian Ed & Groups Biblical Counseling
08/27/15 Forum topic- Sola Fide? Theology & Methodology
08/27/15 Filings item- Ashley Madison and the Death of Monogamy Other Issues & Controversies Ashley Madison
08/27/15 Filings item- A Religious Liberty Thought Experiment Society, Culture & Politics Religious Liberty
08/27/15 Filings item- America’s Reading Crisis Is Much Worse Than You Think Books, Reading & Writing Reading, Literacy
08/27/15 Article- From the Archives: God Gave Us a Book Christian Living Bibliology, Holy Spirit
08/26/15 Filings item- Denver discriminates against Chick-fil-A over CEO’s marriage beliefs Society, Culture & Politics Chick-fil-A, Religious Liberty
08/26/15 Filings item- What The Pope Doesn't Get About Air Conditioning Society, Culture & Politics Environmentalism, Papal Encyclical, Pope Francis
08/26/15 Article- “Paid In Full!” A Study of Romans 1-5 (Part 2) Bible Passages Series - Romans, Romans 1-5, The Gospel
08/25/15 Forum topic- Pray for Chris Leavell - Cancer Prayer Requests
08/25/15 Article- “Paid In Full!” A Study of Romans 1-5 (Part 1) Bible Passages Series - Romans, Romans 1-5, The Gospel