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05/25/16 Filings item- Southern Baptist Convention president: Why I agreed to meet with Donald Trump Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism southern baptist convention, Donald Trump
05/25/16 Filings item- Stetzer: "Mental illness is not a subject Christians should run from." Church & Ministry in General Mental Illness, Lifeway Research, Biblical Counseling
05/25/16 Article- Thoughts On Eternal Security Theology & Methodology Eternal Security, Perseverance of the Saints, Soteriology
05/24/16 Filings item- Pastor, 3 Sons Killed in Crash After Bible College Graduation; Wife and Daughter Critical Other Issues & Controversies Accidents
05/24/16 Filings item- Why Your Pastor Should Say “No More to Beth Moore” Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Beth Moore
05/24/16 Article- Carnal Christians? Part 2 Christian Living Carnal Christians, Carnality, Sanctification, Series - Carnal
05/23/16 Filings item- The men I met on Christian Mingle: I dated the married, lonely and confused Other Issues & Controversies Christian Mingle
05/23/16 Filings item- California Bus Crash Leaves 20 Injured, 6 Seriously Society, Culture & Politics Accidents
05/23/16 Filings item- Pascal’s misleading wager Theology & Methodology Pascal’s Wager, Pensees, Apologetics
05/23/16 Filings item- Exclusive: Evangelical Leaders Plan Meeting to Test Donald Trump’s Values Society, Culture & Politics Donald Trump, 2016 Election
05/23/16 Article- Self-Defense and the Christian, Part 2 Christian Living Self Defense, Violence, Pacifism
05/22/16 Filings item- Chaos at Orlando Baptist Church Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Orlando Baptist Church
05/21/16 Filings item- Looking For A Third Party Candidate? Meet Gary Johnson, Libertarian Society, Culture & Politics 2016 Election
05/21/16 Filings item- The children's pastor of Grace Baptist Church Knoxville has been terminated as as result of an arrest in a police sting related to prostitution Other Issues & Controversies Crime
05/20/16 Article- Self-Defense and the Christian, Part 1 Christian Living Self Defense, Violence, Pacifism
05/19/16 Bio- Rodney Decker 2016 bio
05/19/16 Filings item- First Baptist Church of Hammond can't escape Schaap's moral stench Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism First Baptist Church of Hammond
05/19/16 Article- The Synagogue & the Word Church & Biblical History Synagogue, NT Background
05/18/16 Filings item- All About Sabellianism Theology & Methodology modalism, sabellianism
05/18/16 Filings item- 'But seriously folks': Humor's role in pulpit assessed Preaching & Leadership Preaching, Humor, Pulpit Humor
05/18/16 Filings item- Will Ben Sasse provide conservatives and Christians with someone to vote for in November? Society, Culture & Politics 2016 Election, Third Party Candidates
05/18/16 Filings item- Ed Stetzer leaving LifeWay for Wheaton College Books, Reading & Writing LifeWay, SBC
05/18/16 Article- The Tour of a Lifetime Church & Biblical History Holy Land, Bible Lands, Israel, Biblical Geography
05/17/16 Filings item- A Baptist pastor debates relics with a Roman Catholic Theology & Methodology Relics, Roman Catholicism, Bibliology
05/17/16 Article- Time to Put the Gun Away? Thoughts on the Auction of George Zimmerman's Gun Christian Living George Zimmerman, Gun Rights, Deference
05/16/16 Filings item- The Continental Divide of Theology Theology & Methodology steven lawson, Ligonier, Calvinism, Soteriology
05/16/16 Filings item- Fraud in Online Homeschool Curriculum Exchange Illustrates Need for Integrity in the Marketplace at Large Education Homeschooling, Curriculum
05/16/16 Filings item- Does transgender bathroom policy enable predators? Society, Culture & Politics Transgender Antidiscrimination, Gay Agenda, Transgender Restrooms
05/16/16 Article- Carnal Christians? Part 1 Christian Living Carnal Christians, Carnality, Sanctification, Series - Carnal
05/15/16 Bio- Christopher Cone 2016