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02/27/15 Filings item- Erskine College issues statement condemning homosexuality Other Issues & Controversies Erskine College, Human Sexuality
02/27/15 Forum topic- Bauder on "Theories of Inspiration" Theology & Methodology
02/27/15 Filings item- "Are you a nerd? If you feel unsure, here’s a handy diagnostic" Other Issues & Controversies Nerds, Social Intelligence, Personality
02/27/15 Article- Old Testament Criticism and New Testament Christianity Theology & Methodology Series - The Fundamentals, Higher Criticism, Old Testament, Naturalism
02/26/15 Filings item- Has Sexual Confusion Reached New Heights? Society, Culture & Politics homosexuality; gay christianity
02/26/15 Article- Tipping, Tithing, and Grace Giving: Giving in the New Testament Christian Living Series - Grace Giving, Giving, Money
02/25/15 Forum topic- On The Making of Books Books, Reading & Writing
02/25/15 Filings item- Joel Tetreau's update on IBL West and upcoming travel Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Joel Tetreau
02/25/15 Article- The Discreet Holy Spirit Theology & Methodology Pneumatology, Holy Spirit
02/24/15 Filings item- Why are Americans confused about Obama's religion? Other Issues & Controversies President Barack Obama
02/24/15 Forum topic- Apologetics? Books, Reading & Writing
02/24/15 Filings item- Doug Wilson - A Theology of Resistance for Florists Christian Living Gay Marriage; Homosexuality
02/24/15 Article- Does the Believer Have One Nature or Two? (Part 3) Theology & Methodology Series - Two Natures, Sanctification, Anthropology
02/23/15 Filings item- Evangelicals and Catholics Together: “The Two Shall Become One Flesh” Home & Family Marriage, Evangelicals and Catholics Together
02/23/15 Filings item- I Wish I'd Known Then What I Know Now Other Issues & Controversies Down syndrome
02/23/15 Filings item- "47 percent [of pastors] agree that at least some people will experience their faith exclusively through the internet within the coming decade" Church & Ministry in General Worship, Technology
02/23/15 Article- Trying to Get the Rapture Right (Part 5) Theology & Methodology Series - Rapture Right, Eschatology, The Rapture
02/21/15 Filings item- Mainline Protestant Decline and Hope Other Issues & Controversies Mainline Protestant Denominations
02/20/15 Forum topic- Bauder on Special Revelation Theology & Methodology
02/20/15 Filings item- Jerusalem blanketed with snow as winter storm hits Middle East, in pictures Other Issues & Controversies Jerusalem
02/20/15 Article- Following in the Footsteps of Faith: Waiting on the Lord while walking in Faithfulness Christian Living Series - Abraham, Faith, Genesis 17
02/19/15 Filings item- 8 essential components for discerning God’s will Christian Living God's Will
02/19/15 Poll- Is President Obama wise to refuse to refer to Islamic Terrorists as "Islamic?" Society, Culture & Politics
02/19/15 Article- Book Review - A Commentary on Exodus Books, Reading & Writing Books & Publishing, Commentaries, Exodus
02/18/15 Filings item- Churches who fire without cause Church & Ministry in General Church Staff, Ministry Leadership
02/18/15 Filings item- "We [fundamentalists] should write more" Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Scholarship, Fundamentalist Scholarship, Writing
02/18/15 Article- Does the Believer Have One Nature or Two? (Part 2) Theology & Methodology Series - Two Natures, Sanctification, Anthropology
02/17/15 Filings item- Dave Hyles authors book on Dad's love for the Sunday School Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Dave Hyles, Jack Hyles
02/17/15 Article- Does the Believer Have One Nature or Two? (Part 1) Theology & Methodology Sanctification, Anthropology, Series - Two Natures
02/16/15 Filings item- Rev. Graham: ‘The Storm is Coming’ Other Issues & Controversies Radical Islam