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11/24/15 Filings item- Coming Soon: The Dallas Museum of Science and Earth History Theology & Methodology ICR, Creation Ministries
11/24/15 Filings item- "Believers should have mixed sentiments about the current crisis." Society, Culture & Politics Syrian Refugee Crisis, Immigration, Government Ethics
11/24/15 Filings item- "Families are a beautiful, broken result of the Fall" Home & Family Family, Career
11/24/15 Article- The Gospel Applied: "Intruder Alert!" (Part 1) Bible Passages Series - Romans, Romans 10, The Gospel
11/23/15 Filings item- Three Reasons Why Big Events Are Ineffective in Most Churches Theology & Methodology Thom Rainer, Evangelism
11/23/15 Poll- Do you think conservative churches would be better off with fewer programs? Church & Ministry in General
11/23/15 Filings item- Non-Profits Unhappy With IRS Proposed Rule On Charitable Giving Other Issues & Controversies IRS
11/23/15 Filings item- Does God “Want” All to Be Saved? Probing into the Will of God Theology & Methodology Will of God, michael kruger, Soteriology
11/23/15 Filings item- Baby dedications feel like a transition species in some sort of evolution away from infant baptism Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Baby dedications
11/23/15 Filings item- Why Fractals Are So Beautiful Work, Business, Science, Tech Science, Creation, Beauty
11/23/15 Article- Are Dispensationalists Fighting a Losing Battle? Theology & Methodology Hermeneutics, Theological Trends, Dispensationalism
11/21/15 Poll- Illegal immigrant gets saved ... now what? Discipleship, Christian Ed & Groups
11/21/15 Filings item- Theological Triage Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Theology
11/21/15 Filings item- Five Mistakes Pastors Make On Social Media Other Issues & Controversies Social Media
11/21/15 Filings item- Fewer programs in a church may allow time for more real ministry to occur. Church & Ministry in General Church programs
11/21/15 Filings item- 2015 Word of Truth Conference Church & Ministry in General Kent Brandenburg, Gospel
11/20/15 Filings item- Helpful Football-Referee "Flag On The Argument" Memes Other Issues & Controversies Humor
11/20/15 Filings item- NAE, LifeWay Research define "evangelical" Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Evangelical Trends, Evangelicalism, NAE, LifeWay
11/20/15 Article- On Being Generous Christian Living Series - Grace Giving, Money, Generosity
11/19/15 Filings item- Vernon Rosenau Appointed President of Baptist Mid-Missions Missions, Evangelism & Outreach Baptist Mid-Missions, Mission Boards
11/19/15 Filings item- “Preventing climate change does not help the poor, it dooms them” Society, Culture & Politics Poverty, Climate Change, Global Warming
11/19/15 Article- Starbucks, Persecution, & "War Against Christmas" Society, Culture & Politics Christmas, American Culture, Christian Testimony
11/18/15 Filings item- The Illusion of Respectability: Our mission is simple. And it means death to one of our greatest lusts. Other Issues & Controversies Apologetics
11/18/15 Filings item- Christians Debate State Bans on Syrian Refugees after Paris Attacks Society, Culture & Politics Syria, Refugees, Immigration
11/18/15 Filings item- Reflections on the Paris Terrorist Attacks Society, Culture & Politics ISIS, Paris, Terrorism
11/18/15 Article- Welcoming Your Brother (Part 9) Christian Living Series - Weak in Faith, Conscience
11/17/15 Filings item- Is American Christianity Capitulating to Islam? Other Issues & Controversies Islam
11/17/15 Filings item- Midwest Congress Reminds of Shared Heritage and Principles Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Fundamentalism, Dispensationalism
11/17/15 Article- Memorizing the Word in 2016 Practical Points Scripture Memory, Christian Growth
11/16/15 Filings item- What ISIS Really Wants Other Issues & Controversies ISIS, Islam