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12/09/16 Article- A Time to Remember: A Report from the 25th Anniversary Pre-Trib Study Group Theology & Methodology Pre-Trib Study Group, Dispensationalism, Dispensational Publishing House
12/08/16 Forum topic- Desiring Annihilation? Theology & Methodology
12/08/16 Filings item- The Greatest Age of Missions is Still to Come! Missions, Evangelism & Outreach Missions
12/08/16 Article- Theology Thursday - More from Reformed Baptists on the Christian & the Law Theology & Methodology Law and Grace; Series - Theology Thursday
12/07/16 Forum topic- Bauder on "Convergents and Separatism" Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism
12/07/16 Filings item- A Curator’s Guide — An Exploration into Revelation Books, Reading & Writing Book of Revelation
12/07/16 Filings item- Taking Back Christianese #6: “All Sins Are Equal in God’s Sight” Christian Living christian life
12/07/16 Filings item- Robert Sumner with the Lord Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Robert Sumner
12/07/16 Article- Review - Ecce Venit: Behold He Cometh Books, Reading & Writing Books, Reviews, A. J. Gordon
12/06/16 Filings item- Charitable giving up from previous year, ECFA finds Society, Culture & Politics ECFA, Giving, Charity
12/06/16 Filings item- British Baptists seek middle ground on same-sex marriage Other Issues & Controversies Sexual Ethics, Baptist Union of Great Britain
12/06/16 Article- Clickbait & Fake News: A Teachable Moment Education Fake News, Social Media, Literacy, Technology
12/05/16 Filings item- Rights groups file lawsuits challenging abortion laws in three states Society, Culture & Politics Abortion, Abortion Restrictions, Bioethics
12/05/16 Filings item- Free Seminary Course - The Origin & Authority of the New Testament Canon Theology & Methodology Canon
12/05/16 Filings item- Code of the Salty Dog Society, Culture & Politics Doug Wilson, Politics
12/05/16 Article- Six Ways Bitterness Can Poison Our Lives Christian Living Bitterness, Joy, Christian Attitudes
12/03/16 Forum topic- College Entrance Test Breakdown from HSLDA Education
12/03/16 Filings item- The Great and Misunderstood Challenges of Adoption Home & Family Adoption, Abortion, Foster Care
12/02/16 Filings item- Nation Shocked, Horrified As Christians Hold Christian Position Society, Culture & Politics babylon bee
12/02/16 Article- What the Bible Contains for the Believer Christian Living Bibliology, Christian Growth, Authority of Scripture, Series - The Fundamentals
12/01/16 Filings item- Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary President to Calvinists: Leave! Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Paige Patterson, Calvinism, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
12/01/16 Filings item- Hillsong & Man Church & Ministry in General Hillsong
12/01/16 Article- Theology Thursday - Reformed Baptists on the Christian & the Law Theology & Methodology Law and Grace; Series - Theology Thursday
11/30/16 Filings item- Chip and Joanna Gaines Are What’s Wrong with America: A Satire Society, Culture & Politics Chip and Joanna Gaines
11/30/16 Filings item- BJU To Observe Martin Luther King Jr. Day Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Bob Jones University
11/30/16 Filings item- Was Jesus Married to Mary Magdalene? Revisiting a Stubborn Conspiracy Theory Other Issues & Controversies Jesus' Marriage, Gnosticism
11/30/16 Filings item- Born to be Mild Society, Culture & Politics Counterculture
11/30/16 Filings item- Beware of Economic Exploitation Society, Culture & Politics Materialism, Economic Exploitation
11/30/16 Filings item- Al Mohler: The Cost of Conviction Education Al Mohler, SBC
11/30/16 Article- Making a Covenant with Abraham (Part 6) Theology & Methodology Abrahamic Covenant, Abraham, Covenants, Series - Cov. Abraham