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04/29/16 Filings item- FFBC: Dr. Dean Taylor New Professor of Pastoral Training Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Pastoral Transitions
04/29/16 Filings item- 5 Reasons Millennials Should Support ‘Capitalism’ Society, Culture & Politics Capitalism, Economics, Freedom
04/29/16 Article- What Is the Biblical Worldview? Theology & Methodology Worldview, Philosophy, Thinking
04/28/16 Filings item- Total Depravity: The Man Who Killed a Guy In Church Because He Sat in His Pew Other Issues & Controversies News of the Weird
04/28/16 Filings item- TCG: How I Discovered True Masculinity Other Issues & Controversies Homosexuality
04/28/16 Filings item- Atlanta Church Opens Worship Service with Prince's 'Purple Rain' Other Issues & Controversies Prince
04/28/16 Filings item- Ark Encounter gets tax incentive up to $18.25M Other Issues & Controversies The Ark Encounter, AIG
04/28/16 Filings item- Slate: A Day With Ken Ham Society, Culture & Politics Ken Ham
04/28/16 Article- The Nature of Regeneration Theology & Methodology Series - The Fundamentals, Regeneration, Soteriology
04/27/16 Filings item- At some local bars, religion is on tap Other Issues & Controversies Beer Evangelism
04/27/16 Filings item- The Major Money Problems of Church Planters vs. Other Pastors Preaching & Leadership Salaries
04/27/16 Filings item- "Vitruvian Man": Art or sacrilege? Other Issues & Controversies Art
04/27/16 Filings item- Should Christians Cremate Their Loved Ones? Other Issues & Controversies Cremation
04/27/16 Filings item- Voting in Light of God's Sovereignty Society, Culture & Politics Voting
04/27/16 Article- The Gospel Applied: “The Look From Above” (Romans 12, Part 1) Christian Living Series - Romans, Romans 12, Surrender
04/26/16 Filings item- Noah's Ark replica could travel to Brazil this year Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Noah's ark
04/26/16 Filings item- #BoycottTarget campaign reaches 500,000 signers Other Issues & Controversies Sexual Ethics, Gay Agenda, Boycotts, Target
04/26/16 Article- The Creation Narrative - Genesis 1 & 2 (Part 6) Bible Passages Series - Creation, Genesis 1 & 2, Creation, ANE Studies
04/25/16 Filings item- Tom Zempel with the Lord Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Obituary
04/25/16 Poll- How would you characterize your church's relationship (by and large) toward "revival?" Church & Ministry in General
04/25/16 Filings item- Florida supreme court suspends abortion waiting period Society, Culture & Politics Abortion, Bioethics, Florida
04/25/16 Filings item- Should States Honor the Bible as a Historic But Not Sacred Book? Society, Culture & Politics Church & State, Public Religion, American Culture
04/25/16 Article- The Importance of Presence in Ministry Discipleship, Christian Ed & Groups Church & Ministry, Personal Discipleship, People Skills
04/23/16 Filings item- The False Teachers: Benny Hinn Other Issues & Controversies False Teachers, Benny Hinn
04/23/16 Filings item- The Division of Old Testament Law Theology & Methodology Old Testament, Law and Grace
04/22/16 Filings item- The Regulative Principle of Worship is a Biblical Doctrine Theology & Methodology Regulative Principle
04/22/16 Article- What A Discouraged Pastor Should Do (Part 4) Preaching & Leadership Series - Discouraged Pastor, Discouragement, 2 Timothy
04/21/16 Filings item- Like Any Prince Other Issues & Controversies Prince
04/21/16 Filings item- Trump Calls For GOP To Moderate Its Platform On Abortion Society, Culture & Politics Donald Trump, Abortion
04/21/16 Filings item- Jerry Falwell, Jr. Should Face Church Discipline for His Support of Trump Other Issues & Controversies Jerry Falwell, Jerry Falwell Jr.