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10/22/16 Filings item- C. Peter Wagner passes at 86 years Theology & Methodology C. Peter Wagner
10/21/16 Filings item- Church Disappointed To Discover Man Speaking In Tongues Is Actually Just Exchange Student Society, Culture & Politics babylon bee, Satire
10/20/16 Forum topic- What are you reading? Books, Reading & Writing
10/19/16 Forum topic- Bad Theology and the Rise of Donald Trump Society, Culture & Politics
10/19/16 Filings item- Society of Biblical Literature Bans Inter-Varsity from 2017 Convention Society, Culture & Politics Church Culture, LGBT
10/19/16 Filings item- Falwell censored anti-Trump column, Liberty U student editor says Society, Culture & Politics Jerry Falwell Jr.
10/19/16 Filings item- Church of England considers abandoning requirement for Sunday services Other Issues & Controversies Church of England, Church Attendance
10/19/16 Filings item- Artificial intelligence spawns ethical concerns Work, Business, Science, Tech Bioethics, Artificial Intelligence
10/18/16 Filings item- John Vaughn: " Evangelical Fundamentalist Convergence"? Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Convergence
10/17/16 Filings item- ‘deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.’ Society, Culture & Politics Hillary Clinton
10/17/16 Filings item- Do All Things Really Work for Good? (Romans 8:28) Bible Passages Bill Mounce, English Bible Translations
10/17/16 Filings item- Churches file motion in federal court to oppose transgender law Society, Culture & Politics Transgender Restrooms, Religious Liberty
10/16/16 Filings item- Temple Mount: Jerusalem's most holy site has nothing to do with Judaism, Unesco rules Society, Culture & Politics Temple Mount, UNESCO
10/15/16 Filings item- Serious Laughter: An Interview with the Creator of "Babylon Bee" Society, Culture & Politics babyon bee
10/14/16 Filings item- The Eight Stages of the Rise and Fall of Civilizations Society, Culture & Politics Society
10/14/16 Filings item- Local Man Boldly Refuses To Compromise On Extremely Minor Issues Theology & Methodology babylon bee
10/13/16 Filings item- Does Protestantism Have A Future? Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Roman Catholicism
10/13/16 Filings item- Liberty University students protest association with Trump Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Liberty University, Donald Trump
10/13/16 Filings item- ‘Poisoned’ U.S. Christianity sustains Trump’s campaign, threatens church’s survival Society, Culture & Politics Glenn Beck
10/12/16 Filings item- Should Christians Vote for Trump? Society, Culture & Politics Donald Trump
10/12/16 Filings item- Balancing Piety and Pragmatism: Evangelicals and Politics-The Present Education Politics, Evangelicals, BJU
10/12/16 Filings item- Evangelicals, Our Problem Is Spiritual, Not Political Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Evangelicals, Donald Trump, Politics
10/12/16 Filings item- Over 1,800 United Methodists Launch Wesleyan Covenant Association to Promote Conservative Orthodoxy in Church Church & Ministry in General United Methodists, Mainline Protestant Denominations
10/12/16 Article- Making a Covenant with Abraham (Part 3) Theology & Methodology Abrahamic Covenant, Abraham, Covenants, Series - Cov. Abraham
10/11/16 Forum topic- The Evangelical Collapse Prophesied Church & Ministry in General
10/11/16 Filings item- Donald Trump: "the very embodiment of what the Bible calls a fool" Society, Culture & Politics Donald Trump, Christianity Today
10/10/16 Poll- Have Donald Trump's Lewd Comments Changed How You Will Vote? Other Issues & Controversies
10/10/16 Filings item- The Problem with Protecting our Wives and Daughters Society, Culture & Politics Donald Trump
10/10/16 Filings item- Is There Ever a Time to Use “Man”? (Col 3:9–10) Bible Passages Koine Greek, Bill Mounce
10/10/16 Filings item- Wayne Grudem: “There is no morally good presidential candidate in this election” Society, Culture & Politics Wayne Grudem, Donald Trump