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10/31/14 Article- Were the Novatians Early Baptists? Cyprian on Church Discipline Church & Biblical History Ecclesiology, Series - Novatians, Church Discipline
10/30/14 Filings item- Russell Moore: Reparative therapy won't turn gay people straight Other Issues & Controversies Russell Moore, Reparative therapy
10/30/14 Filings item- "[I]f you had asked me at another time I would have told you that I had forgiven this person" Christian Living Forgiveness
10/30/14 Filings item- Houston Mayor Drops Pastor Subpoenas Society, Culture & Politics Houston, Religious Liberty
10/30/14 Article- Discernment and Revelation, Part 2: Modern Revelations Christian Living Series - Discernment & Rev, Prophecy, Continuationism
10/29/14 Forum topic- Church marriage statements Society, Culture & Politics
10/29/14 Filings item- "Most Americans believe in heaven, hell and a few old-fashioned heresies." Society, Culture & Politics Statistics, Religious Trends, Heaven, Hell
10/29/14 Poll- Marriage: what should be the relation of church and state? Society, Culture & Politics
10/29/14 Article- Discernment and Revelation, Part 1: Five Views Christian Living Discernment, Bibliology, God's Leading, Holy Spirit, Series - Discernment & Rev
10/28/14 Filings item- Brand-new call: No marriage licenses for anyone Other Issues & Controversies Gay Marriage
10/28/14 Filings item- "It is a night when Christians look forward to the day when the victory secured at the resurrection will be seen in all its consummate outworking" Society, Culture & Politics Holidays, Halloween
10/28/14 Article- Purity vs. Unity Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Separation, Unity, Reformation, Church History
10/27/14 Filings item- ‘Iron Sharpens Iron’ groups face backlash thanks to ISIS Other Issues & Controversies Humor
10/27/14 Filings item- Pope: "Evolution in nature is not inconsistent with the notion of creation, because evolution requires the creation of beings that evolve" Other Issues & Controversies Pope Francis, Evolution
10/27/14 Filings item- Mars Hill Pastor Dave Bruskas Defines 'New Values' for 'Broken, Repentant' Church Preaching & Leadership Mars Hill Church, Dave Bruskas, Mark Driscoll
10/27/14 Filings item- The Problem with Praise Teams Worship & Music Praise Teams, Worship
10/27/14 Article- Lessons from the Reformation for Biblical Fundamentalists Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Reformation, Fundamentalism, Church History
10/25/14 Filings item- "Abraham" - Deo Cantamus to premiere new oratorio by Josh Bauder Worship & Music Josh Bauder, The Arts, Music
10/24/14 Filings item- Historian: Shroud of Turin is actually a medieval Easter prop Other Issues & Controversies Shroud of Turin
10/24/14 Filings item- Why Evangelical Churches Are Getting Into The Legal Services Business Church & Ministry in General Immigration, Evangelicalism, Social Ethics
10/24/14 Article- Reborn for Unfeigned Love - 1 Peter 1:22-2:3 Preaching & Leadership Sermon Outlines, Series - 1 Peter, Love
10/23/14 Event- BJU 2015 Bible Conference
10/23/14 Event- FBBC 2014 Bible Conference
10/23/14 Filings item- Mormon Church peels back mystery of sacred undergarments Other Issues & Controversies Mormonism, Temple Garments
10/23/14 Filings item- Remember the Conversion of J.I. Packer Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism J I Packer
10/23/14 Article- Book Review - Jonah: God's Scandalous Mercy Books, Reading & Writing Books, Commentaries
10/22/14 Bio- Brian Dempsey
10/22/14 Filings item- Jim Bakker hawking apocalypse food - End of the World Biscuits & Time of Trouble Beans Other Issues & Controversies Jim Bakker, News of the Weird
10/22/14 Filings item- Jack Schaap drops appeal: “The complexity of our justice system is beyond my confidence to believe there is a realistic remedy.” Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Jack Schaap
10/22/14 Article- From the Archives: All the Way Home Christian Living The Gospel, WWII, Freedom