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01/30/15 Article- Following in the Footsteps of faith: Learning to Actually Trust a Trustworthy God Christian Living Faith, Series - Abraham, Genesis 16
01/29/15 Filings item- A J.E.W. goes on a P.E.F. ski trip Missions, Evangelism & Outreach Humor
01/29/15 Filings item- Bono's faith Other Issues & Controversies Bono
01/29/15 Filings item- 15 Worship Decisions We’ll Regret Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Worship
01/29/15 Article- The Bible on Clark Pinnock's Open Theism, Part 1 Theology & Methodology Open Theism, Problem of Evil, Sovereignty of God
01/28/15 Forum topic- BBC and S Changes Its Name Education
01/28/15 Filings item- Large evangelical Tennessee church pastor announces full-LGBT-membership inclusion Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism LGBT
01/28/15 Filings item- "The Bible nowhere directly teaches the age of the earth." Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Creationism
01/28/15 Filings item- BBC&S becomes Summit University of Pennsylvania Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism BBC
01/28/15 Poll- Does Your Church Do Anything for Valentine's Day? Church & Ministry in General
01/28/15 Filings item- Everyone is scared Other Issues & Controversies Technology
01/28/15 Filings item- 3 Ways the Health and Wealth Gospel Fits the Pyramid Scheme Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Prosperity Gospel
01/28/15 Filings item- “[A] new, groundbreaking documentary about the Holocaust can barely say the word ‘ Jew.’” Society, Culture & Politics Auschwitz, Film, WWII, Jewish History
01/28/15 Article- Book Review – A Passion for the Fatherless Books, Reading & Writing Books & Publishing, Adoption
01/27/15 Filings item- First female Church of England bishop consecrated Preaching & Leadership Church of England, Female Bishops, Women's Issues
01/27/15 Article- Church Discipline & Defending the Faith, Part 2 Church & Ministry in General Church Discipline, Ecclesiology, Judgmentalism
01/26/15 Filings item- Can we be a neighbor to those with whom we fundamentally disagree about truth, life, eternity, and everything else that matters? Other Issues & Controversies In the World
01/26/15 Filings item- "The American Bible Society found that only 27% of Americans are Bible-minded." Society, Culture & Politics American Culture, Religious Trends, Bible Reading
01/26/15 Filings item- Liberals Admit 'Obamacare' Funds Abortion, Now That Republicans Voted to Strip Funding Society, Culture & Politics Abortion, ObamaCare, Bioethics
01/26/15 Article- Church Discipline & Defending the Faith, Part 1 Church & Ministry in General Church Discipline, Judgmentalism, Ecclesiology
01/25/15 Filings item- 'Broken' Ergun Caner Resigns as President of Brewton-Parker College Education Ergun Caner, Christian Colleges & Seminaries
01/25/15 Bio- Stephen Davey bio
01/23/15 Filings item- 3 TYPES OF FUNDAMENTALISTS AND EVANGELICALS AFTER 1956 Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Taxonomy
01/23/15 Article- The Book of Daniel Bible Passages Daniel, Series - The Fundamentals
01/22/15 Forum topic- Free eBooks (2015) Featured discussions
01/22/15 Article- Trying to Get the Rapture Right, Part 3 Theology & Methodology The Rapture, Eschatology, Series - Rapture Right
01/21/15 Filings item- More Legal Trouble for Kent Hovind Other Issues & Controversies Kent Hovind
01/21/15 Article- Book Review - God Dwells Among Us Books, Reading & Writing Books & Publishing, Biblical Theology
01/20/15 Poll- If you could change the name of your church, would you? Practical Points
01/20/15 Article- Following in the Footsteps of Faith: Can We Trust God? Christian Living Series - Abraham, Trust