A new generation of snake handlers take up "death in that box"

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Thu, 2/11/10
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Young snake handlers say they grasp the power of faith

Bites are rare because timber rattlesnakes and copperheads would rather flee, said Vince Cobb, a herpetologist at Middle Tennessee State University.
While the snakes can’t be tamed, they can become used to being handled. A gentle handler who doesn’t make fast motions near a snake’s head is unlikely to get bitten. Dancing with a snake or handling a snake and fire at the same time is a different matter. “That’s a little more risky — it’s more likely that they’ll get bit,” he said.

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Wed, 5/6/09
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Note to self ....

Note to self ....

Don't handle snake with fire while dancing

Tue, 6/2/09
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See, THIS is why we

See, THIS is why we fundamentalists stand opposed to this. I doubt the snakes were the problem. THERE WAS DANCING!