Sam's Club Removes Lego Bible From Shelves Over 'Mature Content'


“Sam’s Club received numerous concerns from our members and parents about the mature content in what is perceived as a children’s book. Accordingly, Sam’s Club made a business decision to discontinue sales,” a Sam’s Club spokesperson told The Christian Post via email on Friday.

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Quote: ...tells Bible stories

...tells Bible stories through 1,400 images of toy Lego pieces

Awesome. Too bad Moses, Jonah, and Luke didn't think of that.

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Actually if this is like the

Actually if this is like the online Lego Bible then this is a smart move. I innocently visited it a while back. It (obviously) uses Legos to portray Bible stories but spares no detail. The most objectionable material shows Lego people having sex.

(yes, I know the Bible has a lot of graphic content but that's different than portraying it visually with children's toys)

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