"[P]ublicly confronting error from a well-known Christian is perhaps the last taboo in contemporary evangelicalism"

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Mon, 6/29/09
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"[P]ublicly confronting error from a well-known Christian is perhaps the last taboo in contemporary evangelicalism"


“…the boundaries of what it means to be evangelical have been pushed out so far that to even speak about why Jesus died gets one into hot water with the keepers of the big tent.” Evangelicalism’s Last Taboo

Tue, 1/1/13
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I had just read that last

I had just read that last night and I have to say that I think he is right. As sinful people we ( at least I do ) always seem to go from one extreme to the other. Either we overreact in hot temper or we fail to speak up when something should be said. I really enjoyed the article Trueman wrote about celebrity pastors and para-church operations. I believe it was posted previously on SI.

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Mon, 4/29/13
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Its worth hearing the original podcast

found here. The rebuke Carl Trueman and Todd Pruitt give is appropriate and gentle. It amazes me that someone can think what they did was "irresponsible and damaging".


I agree that the church has at least two tasks that flow out of the Great Commission, to evangelize and also to make disciples who will observe what Christ commanded us. Too much of modern evangelicalism is focused on "self-improvement" couched in Bible verses as well as this silly idea that church services ought to make unbelieving guests comfortable?

Fri, 1/8/10
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Confronting Error

Good article. 

I would think Fundamentalists would heartily agree.  In truth, it sounds like it was written by a Fundamentalist.  Which reminds us that Conservative Evangelicals, and Gospel-focused Fundamentalists are much alike.  If one evaluates according to what is said and believed rather than to which "camp" they belong, it is often difficult to tell them apart.  Perhaps the decline in both Evangelicalism and Fundamentalism will result in greater unity between those who openly contend for the Faith once delivered unto the Saints.

G. N. Barkman

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Sun, 6/21/09
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Tell me

Tell me about it.