The Role of the Church in Youth Discipleship

by Matthew Hoskinson

Note: See his other articles on youth ministry: The Primacy of Parents in Youth Discipleship and The Centrality of God in Youth Discipleship.

That trampled mass of red, white, and blue underneath King James (the basketball player, not the 1611) is what remains of the Detroit Pistons. As a lifelong fan of the team, I watched in stunned amazement as the Cleveland Cavaliers pulled off a six-game sweep. Nothing left but the crying. And the fingerpointing. Read more about The Role of the Church in Youth Discipleship

The Proper Care and Feeding of Pastors

by Dan Burrell

1 Timothy 5:17—”Let the elders who rule well be considered worthy of double honor, especially those who labor in preaching and teaching.”
burnout.jpgThis article is not intended to be one filled with whining about the stress of being a pastor. Some may assume that this article is a sort of personal axe-grinding due to the fact that this author has recently resigned his latest pastorate of seven and a half years and will be taking a hiatus of pastoral leadership after more than 17 years as a senior pastor. But they would be mistaken.

For the record, I began this article prior to reaching the decision of changing the focus of my personal ministry. But I believe all pastors—current and former—would agree that those who have been in pastoral ministry can say “amen” to much in this article. Because I have nothing to gain, I do feel freer to address this topic today than I have in the past. Regardless, the proper care of our pastors is a topic that is too often neglected in our churches.

Take a look at the following statistics from the Maranatha Life website: Read more about The Proper Care and Feeding of Pastors

Justice and Mercy

or Why I Am a Christian

by Michael Osborne

On the one hand, we are continually expressing our instinctive desire for justice; on the other, we are expressing our instinctive desire for mercy. Why both? Is this blowing hot and cold with the same breath?
798068_justice.jpgInstincts express themselves early. You’ll find four-year-old prosecuting attorneys expressing in the most rudimentary terms, “That’s not fair. He got to play with the train set longer than I did” and “She scratched me first.” But the same four-year-old will plead, “Don’t spank me! I won’t do it again.”

Adults retain some of these petty concerns (“He cut me off and made me miss the green light”) but also develop stronger, more settled opinions on weightier matters. “We should send all the illegal immigrants back to Mexico.” “I’m sick of standing behind people using welfare money to buy better meat than I do.” “I can’t believe he got only two years for smashing his girlfriend’s face in!” “It’s only fair that the rich should bear the greater tax burden.” But adults, too, want mercy. “I know this assignment is late, but can you give me another 12 hours?” “Don’t send my son to jail. He’s only a kid; he just needs to grow up.” “He stole to feed his family, and it’s hard to blame him.” “I’m so glad I got off with a warning; I was only nine miles over the speed limit.”
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The Spirit and the Church, Part 1

Pauline Perspectives on the Holy Spirit, the Contemporary Church, and a Postmodern World

“That was then. This is now.”

by Dr. Sam Horn

“If we are going to count for much in the post-modern world in which we now live, the Spirit must remain key to the Church’s existence.” —Gordon Fee
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