The Spectrum of Independence in Youth Ministry, Part 3

As we consider the issues in Part 2, we will try to determine where we want to be on that spectrum. We can focus more on our teens or more on outsiders. In Part 3, I want to say that these choices actually are the same thing. What I mean is that focusing on our teens is incomplete until we get them to share our focus on unbelievers.
teens_miller.jpgWhen a child goes to college, parental involvement dramatically decreases. College ministries don’t seek permission from parents for activities. Nor do they contact parents before one-on-one counseling. Independence from parents is expected during this time of life.

A Barna Group Survey revealed that “close to nine out of ten parents of children under age 13 (85%) believe they have the primary responsibility for teaching their children about religious beliefs and spiritual matters.” The vast majority of Christian parents believe they bear primary responsibility for their kids under age thirteen.
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The Case for Poland

“Stover, are you sure you know what you’re doing? You mean to tell me that my grandkids are going to be ‘Pollocks’?”

That was my father-in-law’s response (himself a missionary in Thailand for more than thirty years) to the news that my family and I were leaving our ministry in Chicago to join a church planting team in Poland. He was joking, of course, but theReagan's Speech reaction was a common one as we prepared to head to the field.

On June 12, 1987, Ronald Reagan uttered the famous words, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.” That speech in West Berlin would drastically change the landscape of Europe forever. Following the loosening of the Soviet grip on Eastern Europe, missionaries began to pour into the former Soviet states. Initially, interest in Poland was strong, but after little results and fierce Catholic resistance, attention turned to neighboring countries.
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Fundamentalism in the 21st Century: An Opinion

by Dr. Stephen M. Davis

Fundamentalism is an idea with competing movements that arose in a particular North American context in the battle for truth and which God has blessed in spite of the shortcomings it shares with all movements. Many of the fundamentalists I davis_pull.gifknow are godly people with a passion for truth and a commitment to the authority of the Word of God. Even many of Fundamentalism’s detractors would acknowledge that. Yet in my opinion and observation, Fundamentalism’s commitment to the authority of Scripture often attaches itself to interpretations and positions on issues to which scriptural authority cannot be legitimately attached. In no way would I suggest that Fundamentalism is monolithic. In fact, one finds great diversity due in part to the level of certainty that is accorded to the application of Scripture to issues that are far removed from the fundamentals of the faith. These applications on a host of issues—from standards to music to Bible versions to eschatological distinctives—have helped create a fractured Fundamentalism.
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C. Raymond Buck: One Remarkable Man

In The Nick of TimeC. Raymond BuckRecently, the Lord called Raymond Buck home to glory. His passing came as no surprise. He had experienced a stroke some weeks ago, and his condition had deteriorated further with pneumonia. Clearly, this was the Lord’s time for Dr. Buck’s homegoing.

I first met Dr. Buck just ten years ago. I was a brand-new professor at Central Seminary, and Dr. Buck was a distinguished elder statesman. During his long and varied career, he had been a pastor, a missionary in Africa, an administrator for and ultimately president of Baptist Mid-Missions, and a seminary professor. I was expecting to meet a grave and somber ecclesiastic. Raymond Buck was nothing of the kind.

In our first conversation we discovered that we both had an interest in gunsmithing. From that point onward, we were friends. I was able to find parts for guns that he was tinkering with, and he managed to get me interested in collecting old cameras (another of his hobbies).
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